MAROMODS Smash Bro Codes Announcement!

So my girlfriend and I both entered contests to win codes before I got my email with my codes……….she won a code tonight haha!
When I got my email she was of course the first to get a code and so she’s kindly offered me the code to giveaway since she knows I love my followers.

Another code is up for grabs starting now! Same rules as my first contest apply:

How To Enter:

- Must be following me
- Must reblog this post (LikesDoNotCount)
- Must be within the USA

I’ll choose the winner through a random number generator as to be fair. Once chosen I will direct message you with details and the code. Also with permission I will post the winner and link your blog.

• Giveaway Ends Tues the 16th @ 12am

- Winner will be announced and emailed the following morning (PST)

Goodluck and happy smashing folks!



Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo Code Giveaway!


An extra NA code for the 3DS demo fell into my lap, so I’ll be giving away ONE free NA code for the Super Smash Brothers 3DS demo. It includes unlimited plays, 5 character options (with alternate costumes) and 1 playing field. Make sure to reblog and signal boost this and the winner will be chosen by random generator by tomorrow 5:00pm PST! May the odds be ever in your favor!




Clash Threads Platinum Demo code giveaway! (The Platinum Demo received has unlimited uses!)

Instructions to enter:

That’s it! We’ll select two winners at random. If you win, we’ll send you a message and announce it on our blog, September 15th! 

(What’s the demo like? Click here for a hands-on video! Thanks to SmashBrosLegacy for giveaway idea!)